Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art News..

Since there is absolutely no new knitting news... (I haven't knit one more stitch since my last post).... I thought I'd show some of the things I've been doing on my own and in class. First up are some more sketches I made on my own. Nothing special, just something to look at :)

This first one was basically just a study in pattern - thinking of new ones and trying new stuff in the guise of a cityscape! Although I have to admit, towards the end I sort of gave up thinking of new patterns and started doing what I knew..

For the next one, I asked my sister to give me two requirements for me to stay within. They were, it has to be something alive and it has to be asymmetrical. Once I got that done I worked on the pattern of the fence behind it. I don't particularly like the bird in the foreground, but I think it works. I'm trying to realize I need to spend more time on my art if I actually want to make something worth having in the end!

This last one is just a little stippling work. I started with the body and finished with the penguin like head.. I don't think this one is done - it needs water or another bird or something.. any suggestions?

Next up, I'm going to take you through the making of a cool plaster sculpture for my 3D Design class! First, we had to do 100 sketches. Then, sew a bag for the plaster to go in. The sketching and pattern  making were the hardest parts for me. It's so hard for me to visualize something that's going to be 3-dimensional when all you have are a sewing machine, pins, and a piece of paper. However, I came up with a pretty good design, I thought. My teacher liked it too. :) Here's the sketch I ended up using. Sorry it's a little dark.

And I actually ended up taking out the 'limb' that wraps around the 'head.'

Next I sewed up a bag after a LOT of head scratching, trying to figure out how to sew a bag so when plaster is poured in there will be 'legs' in front of others etc. After I got it sewn, we poured plaster in it! Here's what that looked like.

The way gravity and the plaster went into the bag, it turned out quite a bit differently than I was intending, and I was really nervous and excited to see how it would turn out.

After it was poured and it dried for a few days, I took it down and slowly cut away the fabric. It was a little difficult because in the 'arm,' there was fabric bunching in the curve, keeping it from coming out. Although in the end I did get it out.

Here's the result of that:

I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked how it turned out! So different from my original sketch, but really cool in its own right!

That last photo is of one of the 'legs' that sits on the table. There must have been an air bubble in there or something.... remember this for later....

After that, the teacher suggested I paint it.. so I bought some blue spray paint and painted it! I picked blue because I was trying to think of a color that portrays movement. I thought of blue because it's the color of water which has a lot of movement - like a river or ocean.

Anywho, here's some pictures of that.

 Notice anything missing?

Yep, when I was sanding it down so it wouldn't be fuzzy, one of the legs broke. It was the one with the air bubble.. I was worried about it, but I had kind of forgotten about it :( I'm kind of angry about it, but at the same time, it's just a school project and IT STILL STANDS, so that's the important part. They're due on Thursday, so if I had more time I might try to get it glued on there, but I'm not gonna worry about it for now.

This is a good angle :) I think I'm going to name it "Movement."

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