Saturday, June 22, 2013

Straight from the Wood Kiln

I thought I'd share with you some of my biggest successes from a wood firing that I just got back yesterday. I am still new at pottery, but I really really enjoy it, and would love to make it a career some day!

The three in the back I used a Bone Ash glaze on the outside, and clear on the inside, and on the front two I used clear. Next time I want to use lots of different patterns to make them more interesting!

Mug in Bone Ash

Pitcher in Bone Ash

Creamer/Syrup Pitcher in Bone Ash

Bowl in clear
Ice Cream Dish in clear

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New things to come!

I have been really busy this summer working on projects! Most importantly, I've been working on getting a new blog up and running that will have a new post every week! It's called Incidentally, Jack. I'm working on it with a good friend of mine, whose personal blog is Chocolates Full of Seawater. We will post DIY projects, big life updates, and inspiration for every day creativity.

Working on the second blog has inspired me to get this one up and running again. I may post sneak peeks of projects that will be featured on Incidentally, Jack in the future.

For now, I thought I'd update you on the cape project I've been working on so hard! It is currently very close to being done. I just need to buy some buttons, make the button holes, sew them on the cape, sew the buttons on the cape and I'm done! Just in time for the hot weather we are more than likely to be getting soon...