Friday, March 16, 2012

What to do while knitting...

So, since I am now on spring break and I'm realizing just how little I've been working on projects, I started knitting on that cape. And it was quiet. What to do while knitting? I'm the kind of person who needs at least two things going on to keep myself interested. The other day, in the Mac Lab at school, we had to watch a video on .. something about graphic design. WOW I can't even remember what it was about! Well, anyways, the teacher told us to turn off our computers to make sure we were paying attention to the film. I was almost dying 30 min in. All I was doing was listening - my hands weren't doing anything but fidgeting.

Then we come to today when I was knitting. I had been watching some shows on my computer already and decided I didn't want to start something else. Then I thought of something - I reached for my iPod and realized I could play my Russian language CD! I have the first two lessons for learning how to speak Russian which includes phrases such as, "Excuse me, do you speak English/Russian?" "I speak a little English/Russian" "Are you English/Russian" "Yes/No, I'm English/Russian." (One thing that annoys me about this, though, is that I can't see it spelled out - I'm very visual, especially when knowing how to pronounce something! But of course that would mean learning a whole new alphabet.. crazinesss!)

If you're like me and get bored if your ears AND hands aren't busy, you could start learning another language through tapes, such as Rosetta Stone or any other recorded language learning listening recording! It's a fantastic way to keep your brain and hands busy, while learning about other cultures and how they say things. This could come in VERY handy if planning an international trip to a country where they speak a different language!

This year, I've been in Italian 1 and 2, so when it asks me to repeat a whole phrase, I often completely blank and go for the Italian version - "Si, io sono inglese" "Mi scusi, parli inglese/italiana/paruski?" "Si, parlo un po."

I find the study of language so interesting! It can be SO frustrating and confusing when you start, but once you can start understanding what others are saying when they speak that other language, it is so encouraging! And you realize just how much you really have improved. Plus, it gets easier to learn that language the more you know of it PLUS learning/understanding other languages gets easier. For example, I can almost make out Spanish now. My teacher also mentioned once that Italians speak Italian to Portuguese who speak Portuguese to Italians and they can understand each other! (Did that even make sense?) That is so cool.

Anyways, just something to think about, and a good way to spend your time! Learn that language you've always wanted to be able to understand! DO IT!

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