Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still working on it..

I've been knitting a lot on the Neapolitan Tweed Cape, but I feel like I'm not getting any closer to finishing it! Below is how much I have now, and I'm supposed to continue in this pattern for 18 inches! That's 14 more than I have now!

But first I'll show you how I do my gauge to see if I'm using the right needles with the right tension. My fingers were crossed because I ordered these needles especially for this project from a great Etsy store called Rachael Made It. Anyways, so what I do is cast on the amount of stitches it says to in the correct pattern and knit a few rows to see if it's gonna work out! Not the correct way, I know, but it's worked so far! Hopefully this won't be the exception... So this is my gauge and it is perfect! 20 sts to 4"!

This is what I have now, actually I have a little more now adding up to 4 inches, and probably 140+stitches! CRAZINESS. The only thing is I'm not sure if I like how many of those random dots are showing up so close together... we'll see as it slowly become 18 inches! At which point I'll be at the first buttonhole. Oh boy.

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