Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pet Peeve 1

I know I haven't been blogging much, and it's just because I haven't had anything to say. This week all I've had the time to do is a few rows on that cape. I STILL haven't started on that monkey! Anyways, I thought instead of an update on progress, I'd give a little rant. :)

One of the things I dislike is the view some people have on knitters. I am a college student, and am still a little embarrassed to admit to my college friends that I like to knit. I imagine in my head they are just thinking of the dinky things beginner knitters do. A plain scarf, a tacky scarf, a plain hat, fingerless gloves that are unadorned.

As an intermediate to advanced knitter (probably...) I do NOT make these things. I make it a point to steer clear from anything that looks too simple or ugly in my eyes. Perhaps this is because I want to continue growing as a knitter and want to branch out so I can do everything. But there is still that side of me that wants to be seen in people's eyes as a person who buys knitwear at a high price without even having the slightest inclination to ask if I made that myself - as if that were some sort of judgment that it doesn't look very well made.

I know I know, handmade is better than store made any day, but in my mind for some reason I don't think the general public would agree with that. Maybe it's that I see the "general public" as uneducated and judgmental.. which may be true.

I don't know. Anyone care to disagree with me on how non creative types see handmade items?

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  1. Handmade gets my vote anytime! It's about the story. "Where did you get that sweater/scarf/widget?" I'd rather say that my niece made it than that I bought it at Eddie Bauer (or wherever). Anyday!